Jillian's Set Book

This book that Jillian so diligently inscribed chronicles every show between 2006-2008 from our debut at New Faces Night to a North Carolina tour. And it doesn't stop there. Also scrawled on the small pages of this "Old School" promotional journal are the complete set lists, keyboard patches, and even mysterious chord charts that seem to always correspond with the song "Wisemen" being in the set. Flip through the book and see if you can spot how many times the word "kazoo" ends up on the list. Go Davinci Code on this motha. 

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The Church & The Hospital
Handmade by Amy Brock-Reed

It's pretty great when your friends want to create stuff inspired by your own creations. Our friend Amy Brock-Reed decided to make this book from scratch, paper and all. She used lyrics from The Church & The Hospital as her inspiration and for that we are deeply flattered. We wish you could actually feel the love she put into every page, but at least take a gander at this beautifully crafted book.

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