Umbrella Tree - Souls Are Warm Like Eskimos

Our Videos

Directed and Edited by Derek Pearson

The Letter C full-length album comes with a DVD that features 17 videos! It includes an original video for every song, a live Umbrella Tree show, and two other videos from earlier albums. We posted some of them on Youtube.

So go on... make them viral for us. Do it.

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Umbrella Tree - Ocean Sober Live

Live Videos

Watch the video here and you'll see our live performance of "Ocean Sober" a track from The Letter C. If you watch closely, you'll notice that Zachary loses his glasses during the middle of the song. But did he stop? Did he whine? Nay! He kept trucking along playing those A major sevenths on that shiny mandolin. So click the link below to watch more live videos and witness the hardcore badassery that is Umbrella Tree.

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The Bird and the Fish by Umbrella Tree

Fan Videos

Fan videos are important. It is not only concrete proof that we actually have fans, but that these people are creative and inventive and just all around awesome to the extreme. This one, in particular, is one of our favorites. It also won "Best Sound" at the 3rd annual Houghton Film Festival.

Spoiler Alert! Both main characters die at the end. You have been warned.

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