emancipated logik


emancipated logik seeks to facilitate the flourishing of potential, while fostering community support for, and appreciation of, creative culture.


emancipated logik is an idea that was inspired by the creative intermixing of UNCC's Rowe Arts. Each day, artists of music, paint, sculpture, design, dance, theatre, and more would share space in the same building. Studios doubled for different disciplines, and the front steps became a primordial stew of creativity.

Our vision includes establishing a non-profit organization that has as its main purpose running a community art house.

This logikhouse will have multiple studios: dance, paint, sculpture, music, black box theater. There will also be a communal space with couches, tables and chairs, a cafe, a shop that sells local merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, albums, and books. The black box theater and communal spaces will be used for performances and galleries, some free, some with covers or donations to support logikhouse or other local, community focused organizations.

There will be a community outreach program that teaches the arts to at-risk children, providing them an opportunity to express themselves artistically, when schools are unable to provide that outlet due to tightening budgets. Access to the studios at logikhouse will be available for scheduling to those who collect enough volunteer hours, either sharing knowledge, supporting an event, or helping with the upkeep of logikhouse.

emancipated logik and logikhouse will work together to help growing artists hone their craft and their business skills. This will be accomplished in various ways including developing and maintaining an online presence, booking and promoting shows, producing and pricing merchandise, fostering a sense of community, and training in an arts related trade.

Young artists empowered with a trade and a foundation for the development of their craft have limitless potential. Our goal is not superstar discovery, it is community stewardship; we envision artists guiding Charlotte not with directions but perspectives.

Courage and support of ideas such as this are part of what it will take for Charlotte to realize her potential as a truly great city. emancipated logik will keep plugging away until we reach critical mass, and Charlotte becomes an inspiration the world over.


For our leaders, we fight endless ideological wars on terrorism, religion, drugs, and poverty. Our debt based economy and poor public education have led to a broken social system run by corrupt politicians and corporate interests. Their focus is on power and profit, not people. Everyday, We the People willingly submit to the imposed social roles we have been bred to fill. It has reached the point where we fight for freedom overseas, all the while giving up those freedoms at home for safety and security.

The interests that run the major mass media outlets continuously bombard our senses with messages of fear, consumerism, and submission. They tell us we are alone, that we are weak or ugly, that we need their products to be accepted, that we need their oversight to be protected. They warn us of a threat from anywhere that can strike anytime - the enemy could even be your neighbor. Take this pill, implant this chip, and all will be fine. their messages aim to stifle our senses of self and of community, and to create a mass of drugged drones. These societal myths are created and perpetuated to divide and dehumanize us, to have us view people as objects: a chance to profit, an obstacle, a part of the masses, or some unknown threatening other.

We the People are responsible for this situation and the change begins within. We must recognize all sentient beings as interconnected, and strengthen our connections through communication. We always have a choice between fear or love: with which do we fill our heart? We are beautiful, intelligent, and strong. We are one. We create reality with our thought and through our action. They are ours and ours alone, and a unified people is a powerful force. emancipated logik artists express this ideal and actively create our reality. We ignore messages of fear, and we choose love. We are committed to the fight for social justice. Education is our social agent, and we educate via art: to counter propaganda with truth, to dismantle the illusions, to support and cultivate a vibrant community of realized self-creators. We are eye opening examples, empowering people, and together, we become a transformation of reality towards a truly liberated and free society.

emancipated logik

emancipated logik